50 Bands in 50 Days – Day 32: Low Hums


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 32nd day of 50 Bands in 50 Days, our annual showcase of some of the best bands coming out of the Pacific Northwest region, one day at a time. This showcase is brought to you by GigTown, your one-stop hub for all things local music. Today, we’d like to turn your ears onto one of the best fuzzed-out rock bands coming out of our area, one Low Hums.

Low Hums

Low Hums is a band whose sound pulls from rock and pop music of all generations. It’d be easy to pigeonhole their sound as any number of vague descriptors – psychedelic rock, garage rock, power pop – but when you listen to their music, you can hear clear influence from all over the rock spectrum. The band has a good amount of grimy garage rock in their sound a la Black Lips, but the band also has a good amount of late-80s grunge adoration that you might catch from a band like Naomi Punk. Their songs are heavy, they’re distorted, but they still maintain a strong hooky sensibility.

Low Hums have played a bevy of festivals, among them Seattle Folklife, Hempfest, Seattle Psychfest, and SXSW, and have played shows with the likes of La Luz, Chelsea Wolfe, and Josh Tillman. The five-piece band is very quickly on the rise, and listening to their music, it’s easy to see why. The band has a lot going for them, and aren’t to be slept on.

Low Hums are Jonas Haskins, Miles Panto, Mike Bayer and Chris Early.

For Fans of: Black Lips, Jay Reatard, Frank Zappa

You can follow the band on Facebook and Instagram, and listen to their stuff below.

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