Sightseer – New Bass Player – Snake Oil Love Songs

One of my favorite Seattle bands, Sightseer, has a new bass player and will finally be out and about town again starting tomorrow night at Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline. Hopefully, they’ll also get back to recording their second CD which it already titled Snake Oil Love Songs.

Sightseer - Snake Oil Love Songs

The band updated its blog to welcome Seattle newcomer, Forrest Leker, and wave farewell to the previous bass player. And I must add, that regardless of who plays bass, these guys are a must see. In the past, they could be described as a rock band with an alt-country vibe, say Cowboy Junkies meets the Black Crowes, but they’ve beefed up their sound over the last year. There’s still a bit of that country flavor, but now, they border on Black Sabbath at times, Pink Floyd at others, but it’s just border, never full on as they do stay true to their own sound. If Snake Oil Love Songs is recorded as well as it’s played live, it has my vote for the next big thing in Seattle.

Until then though, check out this:

Sightseer at Darrell’s

Sightseer goes on at 10:00. Another good local band, In Cahoots, goes on at 11:00.

21+ $7.00 cover

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