Show review: Green Jellÿ at El Corazon


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Whatever you were doing last night, you weren’t having as much fun as the couple hundred people at El Corazon. I promise. PUNK ROCK PUMPKIN! SAY IT AGAIN! PUNK ROCK PUMPKIN! SAY IT AGAIN! Oh, what a puppet show!

To be clear, I’m not a punk rocker. Punk is a lifestyle, I just happen to have a very eclectic taste in music (once I saw …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Dropkick Murphys, A Perfect Circle and Ween all in the same week, and that’s only one small example). My unexpected and evolving musical interest results in me ending up at some very fascinating events.

Last night was no exception. It was the most outlandish pageant of punk rock perfection I have ever witnessed. Instantaneously Green Jellÿ (pronounced Green Jello, for those in the know) have catapulted themselves from that-funny-band-whose-video-I-saw-on-MTV-back-when-that’s-where-you-watched-music-videos into an almost-took-a-ferry-to-Victoria-to-see-them-again-tonight-cause-it-was-just-that-awesome-and-I-won’t-ever-miss-it-again extravaganza.

Well how did they do that, you may ask? I have no idea. In the ultimate “you wouldn’t get it, you weren’t there” moment, I can tell you all day long how awesome this show was (and if you saw me you know, it’s all I can talk about) but I can’t tell you why. If I told you it was because they invited members of the audience to join them onstage and wear crazy puppet heads of real and made up celebrities and dance around maniacally, you would think it sounds silly. If I told you it was because I was converted into a worshiper of the Cow God, you might think I lost my mind. If I told you it was because I almost cried at the loving tribute to Oderus Urungus, you would be sure I was making the whole thing up. Was it Bill Manspeaker commanding the crowd like a Sergeant-at-Arms? Organized and deliberate chaos. An oxymoron, if ever the word was better defined. Was it the (very) small crowd of proud punk rockers taking part in their own special rock opera? There is nothing I can tell you to make you understand how amazing last night was. I’ve seen thousands of concerts, this is one of the the best I’ve ever seen. And I still have no idea why. All I know is Green Jellÿ suxx. SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL!

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