Review: Apedog Plays Final Show Together

Close friends and fans gathered around for the final show of the Seattle-based band Apedog at a house show, which tied in with their album release, Cheese on Sundays. After 5 years, singer Luke Wheeler, guitarist Sam Rhodes, drummer Niko Bekris, and bassist Joben Pedersen have decided to end their journey together. That would happen after one last time of absolutely dominating the floor with their powerful tunes and Wheeler’s haunting vocals.

I always enjoy their live shows more and more as they get stronger and stronger on stage. The band co-exists in perfect harmony together while Wheeler paves a way with his voice. He reminds me so much of Layne Staley, one of my favorite vocalists of all time.  Luke has a more confident and less troubled persona, though.

The band got together a few months ago to record tracks they had written together, which they released for their fans tonight. It’s hard to believe that a band with such great potential won’t be heard again in a town which craves it so much. I’m hoping that Wheeler’s new band Yr Parents will take off in the future, though. You can catch them live with another local favorite Stoffel on May 25th at the Highline. More information about that show can be found at http://www.highlineseattle.com/event/1170775-stoffel-yr-parents-ground-seattle/.

(You can find a full gallery of the show below via Facebook.)

 photo Cherry Poppin Daddies 280_zpspibhrtre.jpg

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