Portland’s Banana Stand Offers Free Recording for Washington Bands

Portland’s Banana Stand Offers Free Recording for Seattle Bands

Portland, Oregon’s secret studio/label project Banana Stand is seeking
Seattle bands to be featured in their long-running live series.
Praised by Portland press and musicians, Banana Stand has since 2007
recorded and released more than 60 “Live from the Banana Stand” albums featuring some of the Northwest’s best independent bands.

In September, Banana Stand released their live album with Radiation City at Neumos in an effort to expand into the Emerald City. Banana Stand now seeks to connect with talented groups from across Washington State.

Having released albums from Seattle bands previously, Banana Stand
isn’t a complete stranger to the scene. The organization recently
recorded Fox and the Law for their first session of 2014 and is
booking other select acts in Spring 2014 before expanding during the
summer, when they hope more bands will make the short trip down to

As with all artists in the Live from the Banana Stand series, Seattle
bands booked by Banana Stand will benefit from multitrack recording,
mixing, and mastering, a multi-camera live video shoot, a short run of
CDs provided by Banana Stand’s sponsors CD Baby, promotion, and
distribution, all provided free-of-charge by Banana Stand’s network of

Fanno Creek – “Work/Hunting” from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

Seattle groups interested in being a part of the growing live series
are welcome to contact Banana Stand at [email protected] or
through the various public channels they have available.

For more information, please visit: http://bananastandmedia.com/

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Banana Stand on Twitter

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