Hendrix Guitar Auction Fails to Get Close to Pre-Sale Estimate

Hendrix GuitarIn a story we talked about just a few days ago, a guitar that was possibly owned and used by Seattle guitar God Jimi Hendrix went on the auction block today in London. Estimates for the sales price were $594K – $892K (USD), but it fell painfully short of those numbers. According to the auction site, final sales price around $320,000, which many guitar experts feel was still too high for a guitar with not much history – at least not much provable history. While the auction site and  Jimi’s brother Leon claim the guitar was played by Jimi from 1967 – 1968, no clear cut proof exists backing that up.

Pictured on the right is what is reported to be Jimi Hendrix’s 1964 Fender Stratocaster. The auction stated that it is the last remaining legitimate Jimi Hendrix-owned guitar out there. The story behind the guitar is that it is a 1964 Fender Stratocaster used by Jimi Hendrix between 1967-1968, given to his brother Leon Hendrix in Seattle on February 12th, 1968. There are few guitar players that have had their gear held to such heights as Jimi’s has been. Many guitarists have long worshiped the gear  he walked on (and set on fire) both figuratively and literally. There are many books and websites dedicated solely to document what type of guitars he played and people have spent decades chronicling them in every form and fashion you can image.  And some of these people REALLY know their stuff, so if you are going to sell a Hendrix guitar, you need to get it right. These sites can likely tell you every single gig they were played at and what songs they were used for, because Jimi liked to rotate his stock throughout the shows. In our earlier article you’ll find links to some of  these sites.

The online auctioneer Ted Owens had several unique pieces of rock memorabilia including other items from Hendrix and grunge icons Nirvana. However, none reached the pre-sale expectations and a few of the Hendrix items did not sell.


Jimi red coatJimi Hendrix Circa 1967 Stage Worn Pink Satin Jacket (American Musician, Singer, and Songwriter) A Stage Worn Pink Satin Jacket. According to vendor this jacket was once the property of Katherine Etheridge, Jimi Hendrix girlfriend in 1967, and later left with vendor to hide from him. Jimi Hendrix wore the jacket for jam appearances with the band called ‘The Gun’ at The Blaises Club in London. Includes two LOA. Jacket is in Excellent Condition.

Estimate was $4,428 – $8,857

Did Not Sell.

Jimi coat

Jimi Hendrix Worn Overcoat 1967. A double breasted brown tweed full length overcoat with belted pleated detail to the back and full faux fur collar. The coat was purchased by Hendrix from Dandy Fashions in London’s Kings Road prior to playing his first gig in South Shields in February 1967. His management had warned him of how cold it got in the north of England and Jimi had gone to the Kings Road specially to purchase. This coat. The lot comes with full details of the coats history and LOA.

Estimate $3,690 -$5,905

Sold $2,805


Jimi pantsJimi Hendrix Crushed Green Velvet Trousers worn on the ‘Smash Hits’ LP. A pair of late 1960’s Green Crushed velvet trousers tailored by Bodner-Elem. Jimi Hendrix wore these trousers on many occasions, they feature on the Jimi Hendrix Experience greatest hits album “Smash Hits’ and at the Royal Albert Hall on the 24th February 1969. The label inside reads Male Clothes of Character by Bodner Elem.

Estimate $4,428 – $7,381

Did Not Sell.


Nirvana ticketNirvana Tickets No.0001/00002 Brixton 5th April 1994. A poignant and rare set of Nirvana tickets 5th April 1994, the day Kurt Cobain died. These are the very first printed tickets for the event that never happened, numbered 00001 and 00002. Condition is Mint.  800-1200Estimate $1,181 – $1,771

Sold $718


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