GigTown Has a Contest Going That Your Band Should Enter

GigTown Contest 100K

Here’s a contest your band should enter.

The rad people at GigTown are going to order 100,000 of these cards to help artists get more tips for Check Ins at their shows. They’ll be sending them out to artists and venues all over the US.

Want to get your name and song featured on the front of these bad boys? If you answered yes, keep reading.

Here’s what to do… Sing them a song or tell them a story about your experience with GigTown, post the video and tag them on both Facebook and Instagram (@gigtownmusic).

They are going to pick 5 winners from their favorite videos, and announce them on May 1.

In other extremely exciting news, there are now over 3,000 artists on GigTown nationwide, with concentrations in San Diego (800), Austin (400), Seattle (300), and LA/Orange County (300). More are signing up every day and they’ll be launching GigTown Radio stations for the cities with enough musicians on board as they come in.

Over $50,000 in tips have been paid via their Tipping Program, and the number is only growing. Spending their marketing budget on local artists is an amazing idea and they’ve gotten tons of new artists signed up. The bands that are on GigTown love it and for good reason, it’s the win-win they’ve always talked about coming to fruition.

GigTown also has a new feature they are extremely excited about called “Post a Gig”, a revolutionary new way to book live music. “We’ve had gigs booked on an hour’s notice using the new Post a Gig feature. It’s kind of amazing. It’s cliche, but this legitimately ‘Uberizes’ music” says Andy Altman, GigTown’s CEO.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to book live music and give it a try next time you’re hosting a party or just want to bring more music into your life!

If you are a band or solo musician, here’s how you signup for GigTown, click HERE

If you are a music fan that loves to support local musicians click HERE

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