Furniture Girls Dreams EP release at the High Dive

I know I’ve said it before, but how about one more time? Furniture Girls is one of my favorite bands in Seattle, and their brand of high-energy, punk-infused, electronic rock is unique in the Seattle scene and should be more well known than it is. And lucky for you, they will be playing at the High Dive in Fremont this Friday, February 21 to celebrate the release of their EP Dreams, which is the first part of a double EP set. The second EP, Chaos, will be released sometime later this year.

As for Dreams, my favorite track is “Symply Sid,” the song from which both EPs get their names. Singer Stacey Meyer sings over Jim Watkins’ driving, slightly distored bass anchored on the root:

Barrett was a brilliant lunatic
And gifted basket case
A ticking bomb set to implode
Leaving dreams and chaos in his wake

It’s about Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd, but also about his music. Art is all chaos and dreams. It shakes things up, creates disruption, but also order, beauty, horror, tragedy, joy. It is a ticking time bomb. There’s no way to say when it will go off, but go off it will, and what will happen then, no one can say, but those are the best moments, those explosions. Those are the moments that make life worth living.

As for the simplicity of the bass in “Symply Sid,” don’t let that fool you. Jim is arguably one of the best in the city as is evidenced by the funky heaviness of “Drool.” It’s one of those bass lines that always floors me and instills in me the desire to become a better bass player myself.

For more on the band, check them out on Band In Seattle. (Their portion of the show starts at the 11:00 minute mark.)

Or, obviously, go to the High Dive Friday. Doors open at nine followed by many ticking bombs and not a few explosions, and Dreams will be for sale.

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