From the ‘Oh Hell No’ Files: , Richard Lee is Suing to get Cobain Suicide Photos Released

Normally we try to avoid posting about Kurt Cobain and/or Nirvana every time somebody from that camp sneezes, hell there’s enough publications doing that already. It’s an easy way to get traffic, a hell of a lot easier than it is to get traffic for articles about newer bands that are still alive and making great music. It’s not that we don’t love Nirvana, Kurt, Krist and Dave, because we surely do, it just seems like doing that is sort of going after the low hanging fruit. However when important things pop up that are “news”  we feel we have a duty to write about it and one of those times is now.

There’s this guy named Richard Lee who has been a thorn in the side of the Seattle Police, Courtney Love and really anyone associated with the memory Kurt Cobain. Lee is now suing to get photos of the Kurt Cobain suicide scene. That is disgusting on many levels and likely just another way to keep his 15 seconds of fame alive. Not sure exactly what his plans are should he get his hands on them but this is something that the world absolutely does not need to see.

The following is an excerpt from an  article on KIRO TV

“Releasing these photographs would physically endanger me and my mother,” Cobain’s only child, Frances Bean Cobain, wrote in a court declaration that described stalkers and fanatical threats made against them. “I once saw mock photos depicting my father’s body,” she wrote. “That experience irreparably scarred me. I cried for days afterward. Those horrible images still haunt me. I cannot imagine how terrible it would be knowing that the photographs that Mr. Lee seeks were public, and that I or any of my loved ones, included my father’s mother and sisters, might inadvertently see them.”

Lee, who ran unsuccessfully for a Seattle City Council seat and other public offices, has been the subject of restraining orders keeping him away from Nirvana member Krist Novoselic and former Seattle mayor Greg Nickels. In 2004, Lee was arrested in Los Angeles at a court hearing for Courtney Love, in which he attempted to ask questions about killing her husband. He also was the host of a weekly public affairs show on Public-access television starting in the 90’s.

Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, also wrote of how his death left her physically distraught and the emotional suffering that has come from it. “I cannot believe that there exists any genuine public interest which might be served by the public release of these images,” she wrote in the court declaration. “Certainly, public disclosure would reopen all my old wounds, and cause me and my family permanent – indeed, endless and needless – pain and suffering, and would be a gross violation of our privacy interests.”

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