Charlie Moses and bdRm Drop New Music Video for “Growing Old (Judy)”

“Growing Old (Judy),” the lead promotional track from the upcoming EP, How to Ask for Help, was recently given a very audio-visually enticing music video. How to Ask for Help is a collaborative project between two under-the-radar Portland musicians, Charlie Moses (Carolyn Grigar) and bdRm (the production project of Jeremy Wilkins, currently of We Are Parasols and Hawks Do Not Share, formerly of Rosewater Elizabeth and Allegra Gellar, among others), set to be released on March 18th through Wilkins’ record label/artist collective, No Movement Records.

A joint effort between Grigar and video director Simon Boas, the music video for “Growing Old (Judy)” is an eerily minimal effort, largely consisting of a lingering shot of Charlie Moses making scarce movements, eyes fixed on the camera for the majority of its duration. Its off-putting presentation does wonders to compliment the low-key, loosely-structured indietronica oddity, whose length is extended for the video from its original 90-second cut.

The music video was expressly designed to expose the emotional vulnerability of a song about the unfortunate, too early, passing of a mother-figure. Over a sparse, tender instrumental, Charlie Moses pours her heart out, with lyrics such as the cutting “Please don’t tell me / that you’re growing old / that means you’re moving on / not ready for you to be gone.”

Check out the music video for “Growing Old (Judy)” below, and make sure to be on the lookout for How to Ask for Help when it drops later this week. You can pre-order it via Bandcamp for $4.00 now, which will get you the track “Done Deal” immediately.

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