Northwest Release Calendar

Recently we put out the call on social media for albums that will be released in 2015, you know so we can stay in loop and stuff. Anyways, in a short period of time we got slammed with over 80 albums or EP’s that are slated to come out in 2015 and we are just getting started. In fact we are building a Northwest Release Calendar(more on this later). If you’d like your Northwest related album included, leave the band/album info in one of the Facebook posts below.

Here was the original message:

Any bands out there going to have a new CD or EP out in 2015? I’m sure one or two of you will even have 2 or more….. Just roger up with your bandpage here in the comments so I can keep tabs on you.

–Kevin, STM

And since we now have 2 fanpages(don’t ask, it’s a long story) here are the responses from both pages: Click on these posts to check out the bands and the albums.

If you do decide to include your band, keep in mind that we are lazy and the more you help us the better it is for everyone(especially us), this means that it would be rad if you list the band name, album/EP title, genre, the band’s hometown, release date and a link to the band.

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