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The Northwest Music Scene is in the extremely unique position of being able to provide highly targeted audience of music enthusiasts and individuals in a focused geographic area. This allows businesses to spend their advertising money smarter, and with greater returns on investment.

Tens of thousands of music fans visit the award-winning Northwest Music Scene each month to get exclusive content including original articles, album reviews, and exclusive interviews from some of the biggest and emerging names in both the local scene and national arena, that call the northwest home, as well as northwest event coverage of  some of the biggest international music acts on the planet. Northwest Music Scene is constantly providing new and exciting music-related content that is attracting a steadily growing number of fans and followers. A strong social media network in Facebook, which currently has over 72,000 fans, as well as Twitter with over 28,200, and others provide a unique quick and efficient way of delivering content straight to tens of thousands of fans. And our social media fanbase was built from the ground up, 100% organically over the last five plus years.

Why advertise with the Northwest Music Scene?

  • NWMS has an incredibly strong and well-maintained social network to instantly provide relevant information and content straight to music fans.
  • Nearly 60% of traffic is referred by other music-related websites, giving visitors a comforting reassurance of quality and originality.
  • NWMS has strong ties with a number of record labels and agencies to ensure this site has the earliest scoop in news, publicity, and CD reviews, thus providing the highest quality content for our visitors.
  • All advertising is maintained in-house by Northwest Music Scene to ensure all content is relevant and free from distracting, generic advertisements. This provides a sense of comfort to visitors that only relevant content will be shown. We’ve found this strongly increases the amount users click on advertising (called a Click Through Rate, or CTR).
  • NWMS  has a broad and diverse set of visitors, ranging from fans of rock, grunge, metal, blues, Jazz, soul, contemporary acts, traditional music, and lovers of music in general.
  • Simply put, we can get you message or your product out in front of more people than ever before.
  • Our geographic area is what is commonly known as the Pacific Northwest which covers Southern Oregon to British Columbia and over to parts of Idaho. We have writers in Boise, Portland, Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Port Orchard, Renton, Eugene and Bellingham, to name just some of our coverage areas.

NWMS has a range of affordable advertising options.  Contact the Northwest Music Scene today to discuss the best advertising solution for your business, venue, promotion, album release, talent, etc.

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