Review: Greet the Sea Play Math-y Indie Rock Goodness on Eponymous Effort


Last November, the members of Greet the Sea released a stunning eponymous album with really rich content. These seven gems are shimmering new music that have a unique edge.  One grapples with comparisons… but really none exist. This stuff is fresh.  They’re of the same ilk as Minus the Bear – indie mixed with math influences. But, to be clear, their sound is unique, and really just bears witness to their real rising as a niche favorite in the vibrant Seattle music scene. Their songs are detailed and sophisticated, like the centerpiece of the set of tunes, “A Knock at the Door,” where the lead guitarist Brett Shelton wrings passion out of each note for maximum sonic potential and interplays with second guitarist (and most recent “Greet”er) Nik Pfeifer, creating a sinuous sound that curls around one’s head in such a nice and mellow way.

Brett’s lyrics here are also mellow while conveying a sense of a fallen icon. He creates the landscape of being “washed ashore” as a metaphor for the loss of a dream and advises the listener to “Take all you have, before it drifts away…” Because, he croons, it’s too late to try to apply dreams from “…another life…”. The final verse suggests that both the good and bad in our existence could be a dream, themselves. Without awakening, though, we may never know that, as the end of the piece points out. Another love gone wrong song, “Take Shelter” laments the loss of love, but recognizes that perhaps the memories will eventually fade. (“When did I know you?”) All this melodic assault is bound together by a cohesive rhythm section with bassist Ross Powell and drummer Ryan Mulligan weaving a sturdy “backbone” while still sporting a melodic bass line in Ross’ capable hands.

This offering is widely available on line including iTunes, and I can’t think of the last time I’ve heard such a beautiful offering – I recommend it strongly!

(Greet the Sea is available via it’s namesake band’s Bandcamp page. You can stream the track “A Knock at the Door below. Also consider seeing them live at Sunset Tavern in Ballard on 12 February 2016 with The Hollers and Battleme… call it a pre-valentine treat! More details are available here.)

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