Thunderpussy Rocks Neumos at Day-Before-Thanksgiving Show


I’ve been waiting to see the ladies of Thunderpussy since I accidentally caught them at Sasquatch in May. I was sitting outside the media room terrace and noticed the madness going on at the stage in front of me.  I had no idea what was going on but I immediately got out and ran towards the stage.

My first sight of singer Molly Sides was noticing she was wearing this rad leotard with white boots. I thought to myself that I must have missed the memo on this rad band, because I had never heard of them. The ladies rocked the show opening the weekend and I never stopped talking about them for the remainder of those days. I told everyone I knew about them and I was in awe of how captivating they were.

You can say that Thunderpussy is the next supergroup to come out of Seattle, as each of them plays in their respective renowned local band(s) as well. Molly Sides (This Bitch Don’t Fall off), Whitney Petty (Deerhunter, The Grizzled Mighty), Leah Julius (Cumulus, Sundries), and Lena Simon (La Luz, Kairos). Each of the girls brings her own attitude and musical style, giving the image and sound a very original yet nostalgic vibe. You simply can’t take your eyes off the stage, you must be a part of everything they do.  You can watch each of them for the entirety of the show and never get bored; they all have the power to keep you captivated.

They announced that they were playing Neumos the day before Thanksgiving, calling it “The Nightmare Before Pussy Thundergiving Extravaganza,” and I couldn’t help but count down the days.  The bill had 3 other great local bands as well, Nightmare Fortress, Dreamhouse, and BOD, all of whose presence got the crowd started. We found our way to the merch table and bought everything they had available; their merchandise is completely rad and I can’t wait to wear it out.


Around 11:30 I made it to the front of the stage, thankfully, and the band came on stage, ready to start the party for us on this long weekend.  The venue was completely packed and I was so happy to finally get these girls behind my lens. They looked like they were having a great time dancing around getting into it and rocking the place.

They started with “Taking you Over,” then proceeded into a myriad of songs from their back catalog, among them “Fever,” “Speedqueen,” “Badlands,” “Make Me Moan,” “Stuck,” “Pick it Up,” all of which made us want more and more. Sides’ voice is strong, and the band’s overall sound is everything that’s been missing from mainstream rock-‘n’-roll all these years.  These girls were born to rock the stage together.

They started playing “Welcome to the Disco,” one of my favorites, and halfway through, two dancers came on stage through the crowd and performed a well-choreographed bridge, making it even more intriguing. Their main set closed out with “Thunderpussy,” which is such a great song, not just because of the title, but because you can’t get it out of your head after. I’m still singing along to it and it’s been two days, just as it happened when I first heard it in May.

They came back for the encore and played a new song and a cover of “Helter Skelter,” which they absolutely rocked.  When they finished up their set, the ladies jumped in the crowd and were carried by their fans for a Thunder finale.  The show ended and we kept standing there contemplating what had just happened and wanting more. We were ready to party all night long and the ladies had started all of that by putting on a great show. I am once again talking about them constantly and can’t wait until the next time I get to see them live.


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