Fans Offering up to $1000 on Craigslist for 1 Foo Fighters Ticket to The Showbox

10700560_10152842373402158_935357304019843055_oKudos to Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters for completely pissing off the scalpers and for creating one of the most difficult shows to get into for a long time, if ever.

We’ve heard that 2,000 people showed up in Ballard at Sonic Boom for the 200 tickets available.

Even though the scalpers are SOL on this one that didn’t stop some people from offering their extra ticket(You were only allowed 2)for sale on Craigslist. Not sure if these are still available or not.


1 TICKET ($500+) I bought tickets to the Foo Fighters show this Friday at the Showbox the rules: I was allowed to buy 2 tickets with a credit card and I have to present with same credit card and ID for the show. I will see the show! I have one extra ticket will meet you at the show box for the cash exchange. I’m sorry if you’re interested a lot people were turn down so what I’m saying this isn’t going to be a cheap ticket. Already have bids, right now $500 as of Thursday at 10 am, the bidding will end Friday 10 am…

But the people looking to buy far out-number the people looking to sell. This guy is willing to pay one thousand dollars to see the Foo Fighters on stage at The Showbox.

1TICKET WANTED ($1000) I stood in line for hours , should have gotten there overnight I guess but who knew….willing to pay a grand cash to be a plus one for the show–yes im serious, no sob story here, just a fan who knows life is short and money is meaningless in the long run. I wont be scammed, I know the deal – email me so we can work it out, im legit and have references to prove im not a deadbeat. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

2 TICKETS WANTED ($400) Offering $200 per ticket for foo fighters tickets on Friday. Will pay cash. Will meet at venue anytime before show.

This person is willing dish out 5 large for a golden ticket for Friday’s show – 1TICKET WANTED ($500)

1 TICKET WANTED($300) Foo Fighters are my favorite band of all time and I absolutely need to go to the show at the Showbox on Friday night. If you bought an extra ticket, please let me purchase it. Being a student, I wasn’t able to make it out of class in time to get in line before the three lines reached capacity. I am willing to pay $300 for it. Thank you!

1 TICKET WANTED ($400) Will pay $400 cash. Email me your number and let’s meet up. Thanks and looking forward to the show!

Or how about a trade? Got something interesting to throw at this Foo Fighters fan?

Foo Fighters Ticket Available For Trade +1 Foo Fighters ticket available for trade. Don’t really have any specific items in mind but thought it would be cool to figure out a trade instead of straight-up cash. Let me know what you have for trade and go from there. Can’t wait for the show!

And this person up in British Colombia wants to go REAL bad!

1 Ticket Wanted($500)This is my last plea, I’m hoping for your +1, I have cash, trades, name it. I would be coming down from Victoria BC (Canada) tomorrow, I need to have a ticket locked down tonight! Please, get at me.

So, as you can see, the prices are all over the place for what is bound to be one hell of a show!

Foo Fighters – []{}#%^*+

There has to be one kind soul out there that has one extra ticket that is asking fair price for tonight’s show? So far…I’ve only encounter people running auctions for tickets, where when you lose out, you feel like life took a massive turd on you, and then there’s the people that write you a 2am diatribe railing against “evil folks reselling tickets” and then proceed to ask two thousand dollars. For their ticket! I understand it’s the free market, maybe I should get on board with whoring out my favorite band? Eh, sounds like a terrible idea.

Maybe somebody from the Foo Fighters will see this, and say hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we hooked this fan up with a ticket since he’s been following us since 1994 and this guy probably saw the show at St.Andrews Hall with Mike Watt and Hover Craft in 95, followed us all around the states and Europe, and probably met Taylor outside the Four Seasons in Prague and Taylor probably said “hey, you know we do play shows closer to Seattle than this place?” Yeah, maybe we should hook this guy up because loyal fans that have been supporting us since day one are our foundation.

See more Craigslist activity HERE

And as a PSA, please be smart when purchasing anything online, okay?  Peace.



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