Seattle based Fin Records Announces it will Suspend Operations

Fin Records

Seattle based Fin Records has announced that it will suspend operations for an indefinite period of time.

Christian Fulghum attributed this to the difficulties involved in the current music industry environment: “It has never been easier to record, release, and distribute a record, but it has also never been more difficult to make money doing so.”

Founded in 2010, Fin has released more than one hundred vinyl LPs, EPs, CDs, and digital releases by a wide variety of artists including KAIROS, Low Hums, Lures, Tangerine, SEACATS, Gavin Guss, Red Jacket Mine, J. Pinder, Pigeonhed, The Young Evils, Jack Endino, Long Distance Poison, STAG, and dozens more, covering styles ranging from Hip Hop to Punk Rock, Electronic to Country, and Folk to Avant-Garde.

Seattle Weekly named Fin Records “Local Label of the Year” in 2012. “This shamelessly idealist label, which gives artists complete control over their music and packaging, is still young, but its future looks bright—and so, by extension, does that of the … talent it cultivates.”- Chris Kornelis, Seattle Weekly

Said Fulghum, “We could not be more proud of the artists we work with, and the records we have helped them to put out. The music wasn’t the problem. The economic models of the past have been thoroughly disrupted, and all of us, from the majors to the smallest independent labels, are struggling to create a viable new model.”


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