Nolan Garrett is getting ready to Bring The Fire

Nolan scavengerNOLAN GARRETT is getting ready to BRING THE FIRE with his newest singles. On July 13th at 4pm, his newest campaign will kick off on the Jazzbones Stage at Arts on the Avenue in Tacoma, WA.

This campaign is called SINGLE SCAVENGER HUNT and is basically a game that allows all of his fans to participate in the success of his six new singles as well as have the opportunity to win a private concert with Nolan and his band.

This campaign has 7 parts…the poster (game board) and the six singles on download cards. As each new single is released, it will be sold as a download card, which is ALSO a puzzle piece on the poster. Each download card will have one part of an address. The sixth and final single’s download card will have the final piece to the puzzle, thus providing an address to the GRAND PRIZE which is a 2 hour concert with Nolan and his band at your home with your friends…as well as special merchandise for you…CDs, Download Cards, Picks…AND the opportunity to win other prizes. Once you have identified this address…drive there…find the person wearing the BRING THE FIRE T’ shirt…tell them specifically: “I’m here to bring the fire with Nolan!”…they will provide a clue to where the GRAND PRIZE is hidden on location…you find it? You win!

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