Bob Rivers Announces Retirement


Bob Rivers looks on as Big Wheel Stunt Show plays live on KJR

July 28 at 7:40am, after 42 years on radio, 33 in morning drive and 25 years here in Seattle, the legendary Bob Rivers announced he was stepping away from morning radio to pursue other projects. The Bob Rivers Show will now broadcast a series of farewell shows leading up to their finale on Friday, August 8th.

Bob is nothing short of a radio legend in Seattle, starting his 24 plus year run at KISW in 1989, then in October 2001, the cast and show moved to KZOK, where it played through September 30, 2010. After a six month “vacation” the show moved to storied oldies station KJR, a Clear Channel station. Rivers has been an incredibly supportive outlet for the local music scene, often times bringing in bands to play live on the air.

“I’ve been on the radio for 42 years; since I was 16. 33-years doing morning drive, 25 of them being here in Seattle. Our show signed on 8/8/89 and our last show will be 8/8/2014. I will be forever grateful to the best audience and radio family one could hope for: Spike, Joe, Jodi, Arik, Pedro and Luciana. I love y’all. This was not an easy decision for me, but you just know when it’s right. Hopefully we satisfy the old adage — leave them wanting more,” said Rivers. “I’m the luckiest radio host in the world. Not only have I been surrounded by iconic talent and given free-reign to create a unique morning show, we’ve amassed an audience so loyal and loving that they have raised millions and saved children’s lives all over the world. We enjoyed great ratings over the years, but they only tell part of the story — the bond we’ve had as a cast and with our audience and trusted advertisers trumps all the #1’s we achieved. I’m about to be a grandfather, I don’t want to miss a minute of that. It’s time for my lovely wife, Lisa, to get The Bob Rivers Show live and in person every morning. There are projects waiting, like WORLD VISION, touring with Heart By Heart, maybe popping up on radio from time-to-time.”

Bob will be missed around here. Not only did he support local musicians but he also is responsible for the careers of many people in radio, including KISW’s BJ Shea and many, many more. Back when 4 Lakewood, WA police officers were murdered Bob used his leverage and celebrity to put together a show at the Sky Church in EMP, raising $25,000 for the families.

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