Cave Singers to play the Hi-Fi in Bremerton

hi fi 2Live music, for many, can be an unforgettable experience. That experience can be determined by several factors; atmosphere, sound quality, location, number of drunk idiots pouring beer down your neck, etc… For the average music fanatic there is nothing better than enjoying every one of those aspects to its fullest potential.

The Pacific Northwest has several small town dive bars, outdoor sanctuaries, and featured venues that serve as premier destination attractions. One place that has been on my radar for some time, my entire lifetime actually, is the Kitsap Peninsula. I was born and raised there and know it all too well as being somewhat temperamental in regards to a steady music scene. However…

hi fiOnce in a while a big band will tour through and play at some of the most unsuspecting venues. I recently decided to pop into one of these venues where The Cave Singers will be performing on July 17th. The Hi-Fidelity in Bremerton has an 80 person capacity, a tiny stage and a room no bigger than some of the basements in the nearby homes that I frequented as a teen.

This show will be epic, to say the least. Not only does the Hi-Fi have an intimate setting, it also has a variety of local beers, infused vodkas, and daily house made food specials. Although there isn’t much to offer for after-hours activities in the area, there is potential to enjoy the scenery the following day if you decide to make it an overnight trip.

The region offers countless outdoor recreation activities and has become a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. There are options ranging from kayaking the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trail (due to become a designated National Water Trail this summer) to strolling one of the several public shorelines within miles from one another. Several of the ports and waterfront businesses host live music during the summer months as well.

Tickets are still available.

Event Info: Cave Singers

Thursday July 17



21 & Over
Hi-Fidelity Lounge  - 360-627-9752

2711 6th Street

Bremerton, WA 98312

Also playing at: Treehouse Café – Bainbridge Island, August 18

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