Live Show Review: The Jim Jones Revue at The Barboza

Photos courtesy of AJ Dent

Sticky and sweet and dark. Tuesday night, Barboza pulsed with these palette-flavors, these textures. The Jim Jones Revue was on stage, decked out in button-up shirts, tailored vests, and all the sexual energy in the world. I’m actually kind of surprised no one in the crowd got naked just watching them.

Based out of the United Kingdom, the group folds and molds a variety of genres into their music as if it’s warm clay. Dirty basslines bring hip thrusts, punky chords create fist-pumps, and slams of piano notes make it all sound like a hot, moonshine-drenched night. Have I made it clear yet that these guys ooze sex and booze? The red and blue lights of Barboza have never looked better than they did while cloaked over these dudes’ shit-eating grins.

Riding the high of “Collision Boogie”, a maracas-filled single released on April 8th, Jim Jones and the gang are in fine form right now, to say the least. Fingers crossed that they drop their fourth album soon so they’ll come back across the pond to visit us again. We could all use more of their British grit and sonic swagger in our lives.

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